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Detachable insoles are injected in a special polyurethane base called Polyether, developed by BASF multinational

Each and every one of them possess a high capacity of impact absorption, adapts to foot`s anatomy and excellent elastic memory.

For its technical characteristics we can say that they have high durability, lightness, comfort and great breathability.


  • Different densities and colors
  • Direct injection on poron and copes.
  • Different types of skins.
  • Within the types of skins we recommend a microfiber that due to its characteristics is 100% absorbent and breathable.
  • Brand customization according to customer needs.

Technical characteristics:

  • High impact absorption capacity
  • Adaptation to the anatomy of the foot.
  • Excellent elastic memory.
  • High durability
  • High comfort

All these technical characteristics are the latest technologies in the market.

All our insoles are injected directly into the lining without the need for additives, thereby benefiting the environment.